We find it important that you should immediately feel at home at our website, therefore we are pleased to address you in Eglish by way of a warm welcome. Unfortunately, at this moment our whole website is not yet available in English.
However, we are almost certain that you will manage quite well with the English in the further parts of our website.
We are working hard on making our website available in English as well in the future.

May we thank you, to begin with, for your interest in our products and present ourselves to you as follows:

Gerretsen Trading B.V. is a specialized, relatively small, but exactly therefore highly flexible technical commercial enterprise. Since 1982 we have represented a number of foreign manufacturers, most of them on an exclusive basis.

Right now our sale programme consists of the following products:

(Spring) balancers 5 brands

Hose balancers 3 brands

Cable reels 2 brands

Hose reels 8 brands

Industrial load arrestors 2 brands

Pallet Positioners 1 brand

You can reach us as follows:

Mondays - Thursdays: 8.30 AM - 5.00 PM

Fridays: 8.30 AM – 4.00 PM

Telephone: + 31 35 6011504*

Fax: + 31 35 6021652


E-mail: info@gerretsentrading.nl

Our Export department will be pleased to answer your questions and/or remarks. May we count you among our many satisfied relations in the near future?
You can at any rate count on a very careful handling of all your questions, requests and orders.

With kind regards,
Gerretsen Trading B.V.